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Choosing the perfect band for your beautiful Barn Wedding

Updated: Jan 6

Barn Wedding Dancefloor

With its rustic charm and picturesque scenery, a barn wedding offers the perfect romantic and idyllic setting for a couple's special day.

Over the last few years we've performed at our fair share of Barn Weddings and have certainly learned a lot to the point that we'd consider ourselves connoisseurs and the perfect Barn Wedding band.

You'll often read that Folk Music & Barns go hand in hand. To a certain extent this is true -until you want to be bouncing around the dance-floor to Freed From Desire or screaming along to Cher. Where we excel is versatility in each and every one of our lineups. We think it's important to play a wide range of styles to bring all musical tastes and generations together.

From small intimate gatherings to large extravagant celebrations, there is a barn out there for every wedding. Sometimes Barns are small but perfectly formed, and may not be generous on performance area. This is where our 4-Piece "Gold Republic" thrives. Through clever and seamless use of backing tracks we've squeezed the sound of a 10-Piece band into our humble 4-Piece Lineup. In contrast, many Barn Wedding Venues can accommodate much larger lineups - we're ready to facilitate! Are you excited by the idea of a roaming Saxophonist interacting with the crowd and belting out soaring solos? These sorts of moments will live with you and your family and friends forever and we love to make an impact. Consider one of our larger lineups Diamond Republic or Platinum Republic and add even more energy into the mix!

Things for us bands to consider...

While the exposed wooden beams, high ceilings and exposed brick walls all contribute to the beauty, these are factors for us musicians (particularly sound engineers) to be considerate of... With high ceilings and hard surfaces, achieving a clear & punchy sound can be sometimes tricky but with the technical know-how and just bit of sound engineer trickery we'll be sounding at our best in no time. We're pretty nifty at this... (Shh don't tell other bands!)

We've noticed that an ever-increasing number of Barn Wedding Venues have Sound Limiters installed. Let us put you at ease - this is our bread and butter and shouldn't be something for couples to worry about. It's our job to slot into any wedding and take control. This is your day and something that shouldn't even be on your radar. If you're aware that your wedding venue has a Sound Limiter installed, just make sure we're in the know and we'll do the rest.

Well... if you choose to have us at your Barn Wedding we'll be there ready and waiting under a canopy of fairy lights to kick off your special First Dance and set the night off with a bang.

Get in touch with us today and we'll help you create countless happy memories.

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