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Sound Limiters at Weddings: What You Need to Know

Updated: Jan 6


Sound limiters are a device that measures the volume of sound coming from a source and, once the volume exceeds a certain level, it cuts off the electricity supply to that source. They are becoming increasingly common at wedding venues, which can be a cause of concern for couples and performers. In this blog post, we'll discuss what noise limiters are, why they're used at weddings, and how we work with them to ensure a successful event.


What Are Sound Limiters?

Noise limiters are devices that control the volume of sound that is being produced in a venue. They are designed to measure the volume of sound and, once it exceeds a certain threshold, they will trigger a cut-off switch, which cuts off the electricity supply to the offending sound source - in our case, our PA System, Amps & Lighting. This is done to prevent excessive noise levels that could be a nuisance to surrounding neighbours or guests.

Why Are Sound Limiters Used at Weddings?

How To Work With Sound Limiters?

How Worried Should I Be?


While the use of sound limiters at weddings may seem like a hindrance, they are becoming more common at venues that are in residential areas. It's important to discuss with your venue and us ahead of time to ensure everyone is aware of the sound limiter and dealing with it accordingly. With a bit of planning and preparation, we can work with the noise limiter and make sure your wedding celebration is a success.

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